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The Tale of PBRM 2016
by Ging Santos-Carpio MD, DPBRM, FPARM

The Philippine Board of Rehabilitation Medicine (PBRM) 2016 has been a year of plenty. That is, it has been a year filled with activities aimed at fulfilling its mission to preserve and promote the highest standards in the practice of Rehabilitation Medicine; to stimulate, inspire and encourage specialization in the field; and to render the highest quality of professional service to the public and to our colleagues.

1 copyAnd so with this in mind, the Board of Governors (BOG) for 2016 & 2017 , Chair Emily Noche-Cabungcal, Vice Chair Hector Ramon Herradura, Secretary Maria Luisa Santos-Carpio, Treasurer Ananias Gilbuena and Member Gaerlan Inciong were formally inducted last December 13, 2015 .

Earnest in its drive to serve the organization to the best if its capacity, the Board of Governors sat down during its first board meeting on January 16, 2016 for a strategic planning of its yearlong activities.

Monthly activities were scheduled to ensure continuity and proper succession for the training2 copy of institutions and its residents. Included are the activities to ensure tip top residency training program with re accreditations and accreditation of training institutions as well as In Service Training Exams and Specialty Board Examinations of its residents. With the advent of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) thrust of granting specialty status to different societies, the BOG included in its yearlong program the activities that align the academy towards its desire to be recognized as independent specialty society. Summary of these events are the following:

March 8 – Accreditors Workshop
March 11 – Meeting of PBRM & PARM with PRC
April 14 – Institution Chairmen’s / NONCOM meeting
April 20 – USTH AMRC Re-accreditation
May 4 – POC Re-accreditation
May 21- Test Construction & OSCE Workshop
May 22 – OBE Workshop
June 12 – In Service Training Examination
June 27 & 28 – Multidisciplinary CPD workshop/seminar
July 23 – Organizational meeting for EMG as a specialty
July 27 – VMMC Re-accreditation
Oct 4 – PQF stakeholder s meeting PRC-BOM with PARM/PBRM, PCP,PNA,PDS etc
Oct 18 – Multi Specialty meeting with PRA and POA for MSK US credentialing
Oct 23 – Specialty Board Examination
Dec 8 – St. Luke’s Medical Center Residency Training Accreditation
Jan 14, 2017 – Conferment Ceremonies of the new Diplomates of the Philippine Board of Rehabilitation Medicine.

3 copy4 copyThe Board of Governors Emily, Monching, Ging, Jun, Bong offer all these to the glory of the Almighty and to the organization we all belong in. Mabuhay PBRM! Mabuhay PARM!

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