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Willy GervacioThe Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) has been in the forefront in providing relevant and advanced scientific conferences for the continuing medical education of its members for the past 42 years. Its Organizing Committee chose diverse topics that impart proficiency and enhances skills for patient handling. All these were taken into consideration with utmost concern in improving our patients’ function and quality of life.

For this upcoming 18th Midyear Convention, the scientific program will tackle a subject long considered as taboo – SEXual Rehabilitation. To be able to provide our members a grasp on how to respond to patients’ inquiries on this sensitive topic, lectures from initiating sexual history, to the normal sexual responses, differentiating the myths and facts of sexual issues, as well as the different sexual dysfunctions in both male and female will be discussed. An in depth look into sexual health in stroke and cardiac patients, and the use of sexual aids will help Physiatrists understand the impact of ones condition or disability in their holistic well-being.

On behalf of the tenacious PARM 18th Midyear Convention Organizing Committee, I am encouraging everyone to attend and be part of this rare sexperience moment. See you all in Tagaytay!


Willy L. Gervacio, MD, FPARM
Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine