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PARM Forms Bridges Within The Asia-Oceanian Region…And Beyond


Last February 2016 proved to be a landmark experience for the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine as it hosted REHAB RHYTHMS, the Joint Congress of the 5th Asia-Oceanian Conference of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (AOCPRM) together with PARM’s  26th Annual Convention . Bringing more than four hundred participants to the Queen City of the South’s premier venue for conferences, the magnificent Radisson Blu Cebu, the theme “Globalization of Evidence and Localization of Application in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” featured the latest advancement in PRM and its regional implementation.

The practice of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) entails the timed movement of three complimentary elements – the Physiatrist, the Rehab Therapy and the Patient … moving rhythmically towards the restoration of body and mind, creating a beat of oneness, and  enabling the eventual participation and inclusion of the Rehab Client in the community. And this was best exemplified with topics on Performing Arts Rehab, Aquatic Rehab, NeuroRehabilitation, Sports Conditioning Rehab, Rehabilitation Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Robotics. All of these were done in the backdrop of the Rhythms of Cebu’s Arts, Culture, and Nature.

Opened by the enticing steps of the Sinulog fiesta….and closed by the precise pirouettes of  ballerinas and by the melodic strings of a guitar ensemble, REHAB RHYTHMS showcased the who’s who in Global PRM as Keynote or Plenary Speakers. The President and President-elect of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), Prof. Jianan Li of China and Prof. Jorge Lains of Portugal respectively; Past President of the American Academy  of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) and Editor-in-Chief of the latest Braddom Prof David Cifu of the USA together with his colleague Dance Medicine Specialist Dr. Lauren Elson; Asia-Oceanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (AOSPRM) President Prof Sukajan Pongprapai of Thailand; Past Presidents of AOSPRM Prof. John Olver of Australia and Prof. Simon Tang of Taiwan; and some Past Presidents of PARM led by its First President Prof. Tyrone Reyes, just to name a few.

Indeed REHAB RHYTHMS formed bridges of camaraderie and exchange among the PRM Specialists of the Asia-Oceanian region, the ISPRM and the AAPM&R. And it once again placed the Filipino Physiatrists of PARM on the global PRM stage.